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Shipping for Your Online Business

Hello, my name is Barry, and I operate an online business. I started the business about 5 years ago, and since then it has really taken off. At first, I would package up the products myself and take them down to the post office, but as the number of orders increased, this became difficult. I was getting really stressed out when my mate suggested I use a shipping service to send my products around the world. It was really easy to setup and I learnt all kinds of cool things about the best way to ship products. I hope you enjoy my blog.


Shipping for Your Online Business

When to Hire a Customs Broker for Your Company

Andre Silva

If your company regularly imports or exports goods, you may want to hire a customs broker. This type of professional can assist with this process, making it much easier for you to manage the shipment of any commercial items. Note when it's especially good to hire a customs broker and how they can assist your company.

Your items continuously get delayed at the border

If the items you're importing or exporting are always getting delayed at the border, you may be classifying them incorrectly, not providing enough information on the paperwork that accompanies your goods, or may not have the outside packaging labelled properly. In turn, customs agents may stop those items for inspections, causing delays.

A customs broker can ensure that your paperwork is properly prepared, along with any supporting paperwork needed, and that your packaging is also properly labelled. This can reduce or eliminate any delays so that you don't have any risks of work stoppage or slowdowns due to materials sitting on the docks or at an airport.

You're paying too much in taxes

Taxes and duties are very common when you import or export goods, but if you think you're paying too much for your items, consult with a customs broker. They can determine if you're not classifying your items properly or if a different classification would lower those taxes and duties. They may also know of different trade routes that would result in lower taxes for your items as they head to their final destination.

You want to start importing or exporting to a different country

If you want to change your supplier so that you would be importing goods from a different country, or if you want to start selling to a new country, it's good to hire a customs broker. You should never assume that the process of shipping your goods will be the same in a new country, even for the same material; the items may need a different classification or packaging, and you may face different taxes, tariffs or duties.

Note, too, that there may also be laws about certain goods that affect other countries, of which you're not aware. You may be limited as to the amount of goods you can import or export in any one shipment, or you may need to have certain labelling on individual items being shipped or other such requirements. A customs broker can ensure that you're prepared for these changes so your paperwork is done properly and there are no delays.